The Legitimacy of the President

Paula Poundstone included a joke about GHWBush when he was the president, so you know this goes back a long time.  She said “He’s not my president and I don’t have to do what he says.”  In retrospect, reviewing the recent presidents of my lifetime, GHWBush is really not among the worst. I have lived through Ronald Reagan, GWBush, Nixon and Ford and even Johnson and Kennedy.

Here I am, trying unsuccessfully to realize that the next president of the United States will be that buffoon, that bully, that asshole with the big bucks, that pussygrabber who is proud of sexual assault, that man they call Donald J Trump.  I thought that his candidacy was a joke, that people would realize it and stop voting for him in the primaries and that one of the other conservative Republicans would be the candidate.

06trumpletter-hp-facebookjumboI believed, even in the general campaign, that voters would look at the rude fool who kicked a black man out of a rally because he was black and looked like a troublemaker, who offered to pay legal fees for ruffians, who made fun of a handicapped reporter, who did all these things that we would not allow in our children; would look at that guy and say “That is not who we want to see in our White House, representing us to the world.”

They voted for him after all.  Not all of us voted for him, of course.  Not even a majority of us.  Only enough people, in a few key states, voted for him in slightly larger numbers than for Hillary Clinton.  And, barring a coming to Jesus that would make sense of the Electoral College, he is set to be named the President of the United States.

Important note as of Inauguration Day: “He’s not my president and I don’t have to do what he says.”

I don’t see this next presidency as being legitimate, and yet if it is allowed to go through the electoral college, it will have disastrous effects. Trump is in that office for self-aggrandizement and to make himself even wealthier.  With Donald at the Wheel, the Congress will have a rubber stamp to do whatever they want for the next two years and he will sign it, while Trump is in his Tower Paul Ryan will get rid of Social Security and Medicare.   They will continue to pass laws that attack womens’ right to choose through religious freedom restoration acts for pharmacists and doctors, and those same laws will be used to justify discrimination against lesbians and gays.c

This is not normal.  He is not my president, yet.  Nor will he be after he is inaugurated.

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