Trump and Science with Shawn Otto

A new release of the Ikonokast Podcast


With the surprising election results in the United States, we wanted to explore for this episode, how the scientific community will be able to respond to the presidency of Donald Trump. In his statements regarding science, he has wavered between hostility to science and acceptance of science. He may even be indifferent to science, depending on the business expediency that he is analyzing at any given moment. Certainly, his positions on science are likely to be unpredictable during his term. He will be working with a congress that is led by conservative Republicans in both the House and the Senate. Science funding and yes, even the concept of science being consulted for decisions on public policy, is sure to take a beating for the next few years.


To gain perspective on how we, as a nation came to this juncture, we asked Shawn Lawrence Otto to join us for this podcast. Shawn has authored the book “The War on Science: Who’s waging it, why it matters, what we can do about it.” He is also a co-founder and director of ScienceDebate, an organization that has been working to elevate science’s importance in political discourse during presidential elections. Shawn’s ability to analyze the landscape of both politics and science sheds light on how we arrived at this election result, where knowledge and power interlock and intertwine and how we survive the bleak time ahead with hope on the horizon (come on millennials, you can rise up!) We will also call out the role of the media and how they have failed to deliver on their mission.


We hope you enjoy this episode, which is more political than our usual fare, but we also hope that you take heart the message and the call to action to stem the tide of anti-science politics.

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